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John Dies at the End  - David Wong I think I have a new favourite book.Let's start again.I'm a fairly avid reader of Cracked.com, it's my favourite comedy website. But the funny thing is I never check to see who wrote what articles. I prefer to think of Cracked as a faceless pool of hilarity. I don't want to get to know the columnists, though Seanbaby makes it impossible to avoid the fact that he is Seanbaby.So the fact that JDatE was written by a Cracked columnist bore no weight with my desire to read it. In fact, I can't remember what compelled me to read it other than my friend saying it was amazing but by then I had already wanted to read it.Over the weekend I powered through the last 60 pages while out and about in the real world. I even read in a moving vehicle which usually makes me sick. I wanted to finish it just to see where it all went.Finally, yesterday at around 4:30pm I read the last page, closed the book, and rested it on my lap.And then I was confronted with a massive sensation of what now?I realized that there was suddenly this void in my life where JDatE had been and was there no longer. My life is a little less interesting now that I've finished this book (and seen the movie). Oh sure, I could talk to people about it, but that's just rehashing the past, retreading over old memories. Expected. I want something new, something unexpected, something like when someone uses a bratwurst like a cellphone, or someone explodes into snakes, or uses a dog as a poop-gun. And you'll never know when these things will happen or if they're even happening at all.Thankfully there's another book and soon my life will once again be filled with excitement.This book is amazing, easily one of my favourites, so much so that on the surreal and terror scale it blew [b:House of leaves|24800|House of Leaves|Mark Z. Danielewski|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327889035s/24800.jpg|856555] out of the water.Just read the book first, then watch the movie. Or don't. Just read the book.