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Darkwing Duck, Vol. 2: Crisis on Infinite Darkwings - Ian Brill, James Silvani The story line in this particular trade gives so many nods to classic comic books that it's almost mind boggling. Not only does it nod to comics, but movies, cartoons, anime, and the Darkwing Duck cartoon of old. That last phrase might seem like a no-brainer since these comics are basically a continuation of the cartoon but so many of todays cross-media adaptations ignore the mythos and history of their franchise (X-Men movies come to mind.) that it is so refreshing to see that this comic does it right. This comic isn't just a tie-in cash grab on a dead idea resurrected for profit, no. The artists and writers behind this book actually care.It's not only enjoyable for fans of the cartoon, it works as homage and parody as well if you chose to see it that way.But above all else it is actually constructed as a good super-hero story in and of itself, with one instance of a particularly heart-wrenching scene in the middle. The one pit-fall is that this book has a sort of muddled and confused ending which was unfortunate because the build up was so fantastic, which is why I gave it 4 stars.Over-all, I recommend this comic to anyone who loved the cartoon, or loves comics or parodies in general. You'll be pleasantly surprised.