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Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1 - Cullen Bunn,  Dalibor Talajić This will have spoilers, but really, this is Deadpool. Killing the Marvel Universe. You know what you're getting.I needed a Deadpool fix so I picked this up. It was good, brutal and dark but still with a little bit of humour. The kind of humour that The Joker inspires, the kind that you laugh at, then realize what you're laughing at, then you kind of feel like shooting yourself in the head because you're an awful person. This is one of those "Deadpool has 2 extra voices in his head that also seem to hate him" stories and I'm not a fan of that take on the character, but it used it to it's advantage here by silencing them and bringing in a new voice.Sadly, it was rather predictable and it called to mind another Deadpool story wherein Deadpool realizes he's in a comicbook (I think it was in Deadpool #900 but maybe not.) and it just worked better in that one.The art was kid of iffy, (Torn cloth is supposed to look like phone cords, not hula skirts! (Yep, [a:Sam Kieth|13359|Sam Kieth|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1283613676p2/13359.jpg] reference, aw yeah!)) not really solid and Deadpool looked kind of doughy, but the artists managed to get a lot of expression out of him. Though they seem to really like dislocating Deadpool's jaw. The opening kills were absolutely chilling, so kudos to the artist for that.By far, (to me) the most memorable part of the whole story was how Deadpool dealt with X-23 and Daken, and it revealed something about Deadpool himself. It was horrific and sadistic and made me all sorts of "Nooo!" because I really want Deadpool and X-23 to have many angsty trysts someday. But that's what fanfiction is for.Paper thin story, brutal deaths, questionable art and I still felt satisfied in the end. So if you're a Deadpool fan, or a fan of gore, or just want to see another take on Deadpool, pick it up.